3 Design Factors to Consider when Choosing a Wedding Date

When will you get married? It’s one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make while planning your wedding. There are many factors to consider when choosing a wedding date including: how much time you’ll have to plan, close family and friend schedules/pregnancies, sentimental dates, and of course openings at your favorite venue. One consideration that often gets pushed to the bottom of the list is the season of the wedding and how that affects the aesthetics and atmosphere of your gathering. The season affects the design of your wedding in 3 key ways:


We associate color palettes with seasons for a reason. Late spring blooms are full of soft color and fresh green. In the fall, it’s not just trees that turn yellow, orange and red. Many autumn blooms and wildflowers are full of rich color including yellow solidago, vibrant orange zinneas, and deep burgundy dahlia. This doesn’t mean you can’t include blush in your September wedding palette but perhaps you want to balance the soft blush with a hint burgundy to ground the color scheme.


Season plays a critical role to the atmosphere of an event. A fresh, bright spring day is an entirely different mood than a crisp autumn evening. How do you want guests to feel at your wedding? Should the environment be warm and cozy, full of intimate conversation and laughter or light and airy with fun and fresh details?


Are you dreaming of a bouquet full of peonies? Centerpieces of anemones and sweet pea? With global markets, most flowers these days are available throughout the year, but some are still subject to seasonality. Peonies are just not an option for late September/early October weddings. You’ll also want to consider the quality of your favorite blooms in a given season. Anemones are at their peak in late winter/early spring. They may be available throughout most of the year but they DO NOT look like the photos you see on Pinterest. An experienced florist will be able to advise you on when your favorite blooms are available and look their best.


If you consider you design goals from the beginning of the planning process, you will insure your wedding date will be cost effective and exactly what you want.

Design Factors to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Date | Blue Bouquet - Kansas City Florist

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