The First Steps to Planning Your Wedding

You just got engaged!!  Congratulations, but I’m guessing you’re asking yourself, now what?  Wedding planning can easy become overwhelming; it’s likely the biggest event you’ve ever planned and between Pinterest, Wedding Blogs and Instagram, you’re probably on pretty overload!

Before you wander down the Pinterest rabbit hole, take some time to talk with your fiance about what your ideal day looks like.  Once you establish how you want the atmosphere to feel, the venue, colors and #allthethings will start to come together.

Not sure where to start?  We’ve created a Wedding Style Guide for you two to sit down and fill out together.  Think of it as your first pre-marriage counseling session 😉  This will help you drill down your priorities and figure out what matters most to you as a couple.  If you’re struggling with a design decision throughout the planning process, just refer back to the Style Guide and chose the option that is most reflective of your values.

The First Steps to Planning Your Wedding | Blue Bouquet - Kansas City and Beyond Wedding Florist

Click below to download the Wedding Style Guide


Happy Planning and as always, we’d love to chat more about your big day!

The First Steps to Planning Your Wedding | Blue Bouquet - Kansas City Florist

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