Whimsical Flower Inspiration for Your Summer Wedding

Summer is a beautiful time of year for wedding flowers.  While many of the spring blooms are past their peak or unavailable, there are still a wide range of lush blooms to choose from.


One of my favorite summer flowers is Cafe au Lait dahlia.  These peachy pink blooms are one of the largest single bloom flowers (right up there with hydrangea) and give you a big bang for your buck.  Each bloom varies slightly, with some leaning more peach and some more purplish-blush. Dahlia are a very fragile flower and while they can be used in bouquet, we always wire them for stability.  We also recommend that brides keep their bouquets out of the sun and heat as much as possible.  Especially if the bouquets are being repurposed later in the day.

Blush Cafe au lait Dahlia Centerpiece

Blush Cafe au Lait Dahlia


Garden roses are a great year round flower.  They come in a wide variety of colors and hold up pretty well in the heat, as long as they have a good water source and aren’t in direct sunlight.  Here we used the Golden Mustard garden rose variety.  The warm yellow tones really pop against the blue table linen and add to the vibrancy of the arrangement. Other roses featured include Quicksand roses, white Majolica spray roses, Toffee roses and peachy-pink Princess Charlene garden roses.  

Golden Mustard Garden Rose

Golden Mustard Garden Rose


White Campanula or Canterbury Bells, add depth and texture to the centerpiece.   These bells are a great alternative to foliage for brides who don’t love a lot of greenery. To finish out the arrangement, we used a variety of summer wild flowers, including white calcynia, white lysimachia, light blue nigella, budding raspberries, eucalyptus, and chocolate cosmos. 

Blush, Dusty Blue and Golden Yellow Wedding Centerpiece

Mid-summer Wedding Compote with Roses and Dahlia

Mid-Summer Escort Card Flower Arrangement

To add a level of sophistication, we used a mix of gold tones for the vessel, candle holders and in the stationery elements.  A dusty blue water color print linen adds a whimsical and colorful pop that brings the table together.


Photography| Baily Pianalto | Stationery + Wedding Coordination | Nellie Sparkman | Linens | BBJ , Provence Napkin + Oxford Hidden Garden Linen | Flowers + Design | Blue Bouquet


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