Details Not to Overlook While Planning Your Wedding

When it comes to planning your wedding, there are many wedding details to think about, and often times some important details are forgotten. That’s why we put together a list of details not to overlook while planning your wedding! We truly believe that these nine elements will take your wedding to the next level and we promise, they won’t go unnoticed by your guests!

Intimate Stationery Suite

One of the first impressions your guests will experience is the invitation. Your wedding invitation is what sets the tone for your upcoming celebration. For that reason, you’ll want to create an intimate invitation suite by adding personal details and touches to each paper product to brand your wedding and set the tone of your wedding from the very beginning. We also love when couples take the personal details and touches that were created in their paper products and carry them throughout the rest of their wedding!

Meaningful Family Heirlooms

We have all heard of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue“, but there are so many more ways to incorporate family heirlooms into your wedding. We love when couples honor those that hold a special place in their heart on their wedding day! Displaying your families’ wedding photos, toasting with heirloom champagne glasses, adding a photo of a loved one to the stems of the bridal bouquet or wrapping the bouquet with a special handkerchief are just a few ways to add meaningful touches to your wedding day with family heirlooms.

Custom Monograms

Custom monograms are one of our favorite wedding details! Monograms are perfect for adding a touch of customization to your wedding – and regardless of your wedding style, you can create a monogram to match. There are so many options when it comes to creating a custom monogram, we adore the more modern approach of using only the first initials of your names, but you can never go wrong with the classic first name initials on the outside with your new last name initial in the middle. Show off your new initials on a ring bearer’s pillow, your wedding day signage, or dress up an ordinary cocktail napkin – there are endless possibilities!

Guest Entrance

You’ll also want to consider your guests first impression as they walk into the venue. You want your guests to feel an immediate sense of excitement for the night ahead. A couple ways to do this is to think about what your guests will see first as they walk in – typically some type of escort card arrangement, and a guest book to sign. You’ll want to make sure that your guests won’t miss these items, so make them stand out and do something out of the ordinary! We also love to create a focal point with some type of floral arrangement as guests walk through the doors! Guests also love to be greeted by someone, so make sure that someone is there for your guests in case they have a question. Oh, and greeting your guests with a glass of champagne or specialty cocktail is very appreciated too! (winky face)

Escort Card Seating Chart | Planning and Stationery by Nellie Sparkman, Floral by Blue Bouquet

Fabric Draping

If you are looking for a serious “WOW” factor, draping is the way to go! Adding fabric can change the atmosphere of a space from feeling empty to intimate, and adds a feeling of elegance to the room. There are so many options when it comes to draping a space. Whether you incorporate fabric into your entryway, ceremony, cocktail or reception space, it is sure to add a striking element to any room!

Head Table Focal Point

The head table is the always the focal point of the reception, with all eyes on the newlyweds! This table is often the most photographed throughout the entire reception, so creating a statement with the head table is a must! The placement of the head table decor is important too – guests want to see your faces as you enjoy the night, so framing the centerpieces around the two of you is key to you being able to see all of your guests, as well as all of your guests being able to see you!

Floral Installation for the Head Table at The Gallery Event Space | Planning and Stationery by Nellie Sparkman, Floral by Blue Bouquet

Creative Place Settings

Adding a special element to each guest place setting can help highlight and carry out your wedding style and theme. Wedding guests can spend a lot of time at their tables, for that reason we think by adding an extra detail such as a flower or some greenery, a guest favor, or thank you card is sure to grab your guests’ attention! Also, something so small as changing up the fold of your table napkins can completely change the look and feel of your guest tables. Remember – it’s all in the details!

Upgraded Linens

Upgrading the linens on those special tables will grab your guests’ attention and completely elevate the look of your room. Tables such as the cake table, head table, cocktail tables, guest book/gift table are perfect tables to incorporate a color, a texture, or a pattern to compliment the overall style/theme of your wedding.

Special Linens for the Cake Table The Gallery Event Space | Planning and Stationery by Nellie Sparkman, Floral by Blue Bouquet

Specialty Lighting

And last, but certainly not least – adding specialty lighting. The perfect venue lighting makes all the difference. Lighting helps set the overall mood and ensures that all of the different elements of your wedding look their very best. Highlight your favorite details to grab your guests’ attention to those areas. There are so many different types of specialty lighting to choose between – uplighting, pin-spotting, texture lighting, gobo lighting, or string lighting. We know one thing for sure, specialty lighting is sure to create that final wow factor you were hoping for!

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All photos captured by Andrea Delong Photography at The Gallery Event Space

Planning + Stationery by Nellie with Nellie Sparkman Events + Stationery Studio

Specialty Rentals by UltraPom | Cake by McLain’s Bakery

Details Not to Overlook While Planning Your Wedding | Blue Bouquet - Kansas City Florist

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